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Exploring The Matanuska Glacier

Walk on a glacier!

Here’s your chance to get out and actually walk on the blue ice of a spectacular Alaska glacier. You’ll use mountaineering crampons to explore the stunning ice formations, get some great photos and learn about the natural history of the area carved by rivers of ice.

The Matanuska Glacier is perhaps the most accessible in Alaska, in fact we can drive right up to it and be on the blue ice in about 15 minutes of easy hiking. This 26-mile long river of ice provides you the opportunity to really see a glacier up close, as opposed to just viewing it from a boat, plane or highway!

Many of our scheduled trips include glacier trekking, about 3 hours of exploration on the ice. Some trips add ice climbing making a full day out on the ice and an unforgettable experience.

Glacier Trekking and Ice Climbing is in conjunction with our partners at MICA Guides on the Matanuska Glacier.

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The Matanuska Glacier

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The Matanuska Glacier is one of the few Alaskan glaciers accessible by car.

It is located 2 hours NE of Anchorage at Mile 102 of the Glenn Highway.

With just a short hike, you can be standing on an enormous river of ice, exploring the natural wonders of the majestic glacier.

Glacier hiking is an all weather activity. However, when the weather is bad in and around Anchorage, it is often sunny on the glacier. This is due to a phenomena in which the cold air off the glacier forces the warm valley air upward and into the surrounding peaks causing a weather hole.

So come to the sunny Matanuska Glacier for an unforgettable experience.


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