Mile Marker 113.5

Sheep Mountain Lodge

sheep mt

Sheep Mountain Lodge: Mile 113.5 11 Comfortable cabins w/private bath. Full service restaurant, hot tub & sauna. “Premium guest cabins with kitchens.” Breathtaking views of the Matanuska River Valley. Diverse recreational trails for hiking & cross country skiing. Wildlife Viewing, easy access for RV’s & Buses.

Web Site www.sheepmountain.com Email info@sheepmountain.com

Toll Free 877 645-5121


The Sheep Mountain Lodge is located at milepost 113.5 on the Glenn Highway Scenic Byway, approximately 70 miles northeast of Palmer Alaska. The lodge is situated at the base of the Sheep Mountain overlooking the headwaters of the Matanuska River.  The lodge elevation is 2,740 feet above sea level.  The Talkeetna Mountains behind the lodge rise to over 6,000 feet.  The Mountains seen to the south of the lodge are in the Chugach Range whose peaks rise above 12,000 feet.


The drive from Sutton on this well maintained highway is spectacular anytime of year.  This photo was taken in Feb 2009.  A picture speaks a thousand words.

The Sheep Mountain Lodge was built in 1946 to serve travelers along the Glenn Highway.  It was originally a two-story log structure with 13 rooms.  Two photographs of the original lodge are hanging in the restaurant today.  This structure burned down and Trudy and Duke Jurgeleit rebuilt.  The present day lodge was a series of additions built on to the original bunkhouse, very typical style of many Alaska’s old roadhouses.  Today there are 11 private cabins with bath.  A full service restaurant with home cooked meals, A hot Tub and sauna, and The Bunkhouse sleeps 10.

Clean, comfortable, classic cabin.


  • River Rafting
  • Hiking Trails and Wild Berry Picking
  • Glacier Hiking
  • Photography
  • Mountain Biking
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Flight Seeing with Meekins Air Service
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway
  • Backpacking Trips

Dall Sheep

Bands of Dall sheep move each spring to the south face of Sheep Mountain licking the rocks to replenish depleted supplies of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is used for the bones and horns.  Magnesium is used for bone growth.  Magnesium is essential many biochemical reactions within the sheep’s body.  Female sheep seem to need more calcium than males especially during pregnancy.

The Sheep live on the mountain year round, so look closely to find them.  In the summer, they look like white dots of snow, but if you watch carefully you will see them moving.

For more information about Summer and Winter Activities & Reservations

Sheep Mountain Lodge Web Site


Sutton Visitors Center

Email  suttonvisitors@hotmail.com

Web Site  https://visitalaska.wordpress.com




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